Frequently Asked Questions

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In almost all cases it is possible to place a Dropit in your backyard without a permit. Among other things, this has to do with the location of your yard in relation to the surrounding area. And where the backyard area begins. We advise you to do your own research into your personal situation so that you will not be confronted with unwanted surprises. For the rules for permit-free building go to:   

Your Dropit is equipped with a stable steel floor structure. We place it level on concrete tiles in almost all cases.

Both floor, walls and roof of the Dropit are provided with good insulation. We also apply HR++ double glazing. 

Yes, the Dropit garden office is a circular product. It can be moved again.

In cooperation with architects, we have developed 4 models. By not customizing, we can meet fast delivery and a good price/quality ratio. Go to for customization.

Yes, we have the ability to deliver throughout the Netherlands.

We offer a service to move your garden office with you at a flat rate. The garden office also increases the value of your home. You can also choose to sell it with it.

Due to a process based on stock production, we can deliver within 6 weeks!!!  

  • In all cases, a power cable. 
  • Dropit C and D also require sewerage and water. 
  • If you choose Internet via UTP, a UTP cable must be laid.

Certainly, thanks to high-quality insulation and good climate control, the Dropit is good to use in all seasons.

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