Meet the Dropit B

Dropit B is the double version of Dropit A and gives opportunity for 2 workstations. Because of the space, this model also gives the opportunity to replace 1 workstation for a good reading chair or meeting place, for example. Between the workplaces is a suspended ceiling with glass on both sides so that sufficient daylight enters. The narrow window frames are equipped with ventilation grids, allowing for manual ventilation. Price is excl. VAT & Installation
€ 25.700,-
Excluding VAT


  • 2 workstations
  • Surface area 9.4m2
  • Air conditioning conversion with cabinet function
  • Acoustic walls
  • Tiled floor finish
  • Heating and cooling by air conditioning
  • Floor with PIR insulation
  • Walls fitted with glass wool and reflective foil
  • Windows equipped with insulating HR++ glass
  • 12 outlets
  • 2 UTP connections
  • 4 light points
  • Electric meter
  • Own RCD
  • Façade fascia strips matte black, with anti-drum felt, coating 50mu
  • Frame color Ral 7039 with burglar resistance class 2, HR++ glass
  • Intermediate frames fitted with ventilation grilles
  • Electric sit-stand desk
  • Office chair
  • 4G Router (excluding subscription)
  • Nespresso machine

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